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Your scheduled and pre-paid session is a time that has been reserved exclusively for you.  Missed appointments or cancelations without proper notice prevent us from treating other patients in need. To avoid no-show charges for the full fee of your visit you must cancel or reschedule your appointment twenty-four hours in advance.

You should cancel or reschedule your appointment at the Client Scheduler.  If you do not have access to electronic devices or an internet connection please call our office at 954-381-4737 and leave a message with your name, the date and time of your appointment. 

If you arrive late to your session the doctor will only be able to see you for the remaining time of your appointment. Dr. Baez will not be able to extend your session as it will affect the care of other patients waiting.

There are no fee refunds for missed appointments or late cancelations except in cases of documented medical emergencies.

As a practice courtesy, you can request to go on the waiting list or log in to the waiting room. To avoid any extra charges you will need to be seen within forty-eight working hours of your pre-paid missed appointment.

Please Contact Us for further details during working hours.