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Psychiatric Consultants, Inc. operates on a fee-for-service basis to avoid the barriers to care and the complexities associated with managed care. You will have the option to submit the receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement or deductible purposes if applicable.

These are fees for the most common services that we offer:

Initial Telepsychiatric Evaluation (45-minutes)  $300.00

Telehealth Medication & Brief Counseling Session (30-minutes) $170.00

Brief Telepsychiatric Medication Management Visit (20-minutes) $125.00

Telehealth Psychiatric Re-evaluation (30 minutes) $200.00

Initial In-Office Psychiatric Evaluation (60-minutes) $350.00

In-Office Medication Management @ Brief Counseling Session (30-minutes) $200.00


For other services not listed here, please email us at, and we will be glad to share any additional services and fees. 

**Full office rates are charged for no shows or late cancelations, see cancelation policies for additional details.