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Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Treatment Order

Is an order in which Court-ordered addiction treatment takes place in which a judge forces an individual to attend a program either as part of, or in lieu of jail time or because there is substantial risk that the individual’s live or the lives of others are at risk due to the drug use.

The treatment is usually ordered after a court hearing that at times is initiated after a family member, loved one or other representative of the addicted person initiates a Marchman Act.

In many cases, the judge allows the individual to make their own choices about which treatment program they will attend (provided that the treatment center is on an approved list of facilities) after they have received recommendations of an Addiction Specialist of the level of care that the individual is in need of.

Length of Court Ordered Drug Treatment

Court Ordered Drug Treatment is up to sixty days however an extension can be requested ten days prior to the expiration of the first order for an additional ninety days.

Horizon Addiction Center, LLC currently provides a Partial Hospitalization, PHP, Intensive Outpatient Program, IOP, Relapse Prevention and Ambulatory Detoxification for Court Ordered Treatment.
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