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Suboxone (Buprenorphine/Naloxone) Maintenance Program

Our Buprenorphine Maintenance Program is a Medication Assisted Treatment, MAT designed for those individuals suffering from Opioid Use Disorders in need of ongoing treatment with a partial opioid agonist as the individual stabilizes his emotional, social and physical well being and reintegrates into a productive life. Individuals that have a long term history of Opioid Addiction with history of multiple relapses and multiple documented treatment program failures are likely to benefit from this program as it has a high success rate of preventing relapse.

This program is for those individuals who have previously attempted to stay off of opiates/opioids (heroin, oxycodone, etc) after documented specialized treatment program participation and have been unsuccessful, or are clinically recommended for a long-term option of Suboxone treatment to refrain from relapse by an addiction specialist.

The following are mandatory monthly components of the program:

  • A minimum of one individual counseling session per month.
  • A minimum of one individual session with the Suboxone prescriber.
  • A minimum of a monthly urine drug screen onsite.
  • Negative drug screens for illicit substances.
  • No simultaneous treatment with benzodiazepines or sedative hypnotics.
  • Optional Support Groups as Smart Recovery, NA or AA on our premises or offsite.

Please review the Admission Process for Suboxone Maintenance and contact us to schedule your initial evaluation to determine if you are eligible to participate in this program.

The length of time of the maintenance phase is tailored to each patient and could be indefinite. Once an individual is stabilized, an alternative approach would be to go into a medically supervised withdrawal, which makes the transition from a physically dependent state smoother. People then can engage in further rehabilitation—with or without MAT—to prevent a possible relapse.