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This is a service provided by Dr. Baez once a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation has been conducted and there is a  comprehensive treatment plan that includes a choice of medication(s).

Dr. Baez will reassess the patient periodically and as often as may be clinically indicated for medication changes, adjustments, side effects, and benefits review or additional treatment recommendations including therapy and psychosocial interventions.

If it is necessarily appropriate consent to communicate with other providers will be obtained.

Dr. Baez will exercise the highest professional standards in the choice of medications and the management of continuing treatment with medications. The patient will have the opportunity to ask questions related to the medications or any side effects, the physician will also discuss any relevant side effects and at times will provide information in writing related to the medication(s).

The clinician providing Medication Management will maintain written documentation of the diagnostic assessment; the treatment plan; periodic assessments of the patient’s status and progress, etc.

The frequency of the follow-ups for Medication Management will vary depending on the clinical needs of the patient and in each visit, the psychiatrist determines if the current level of care is appropriate or additional interventions such as family sessions, referrals to other specialists, individual therapy, group therapy, intensive outpatient treatment, hospitalization, etc. are needed.