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Dr. Baez expertise in the field of Addiction allows her to do comprehensive at times multidisciplinary assessments with the goal of reaching a diagnosis not only of a substance use disorder is present but also of underlying co-occurring mental health disorders.

These evaluations could be self-requested in which case they are confidential or they could be mandated or requested by third parties such as your legal representative, professional regulatory agency, employer, or others.

Specialized drug testing is requested when clinically indicated and collateral information is requested after adequate consent. Other components could include laboratory testing, neuropsychological testing, review of records, second interviews, etc.

Once a preliminary diagnosis is formulated we proceed to develop an individualized treatment plan to fit the particular needs of the individual and discuss recommended treatment. If the consultation is requested by another organization or individual once results of all drug testing are reviewed and requested records or collateral information is obtained a formal report is prepared and release to the requesting party with your consent.

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