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Telepsychiatry has now been the subject of hundreds of research studies that point to numerous advantages for patients as well as their doctors. The major benefit of telepsychiatry is increased access to mental health services in the context of the majority of studies not finding significant differences in the quality, outcomes or satisfaction of care delivered via interactive video compared to face-to-face. These are the major benefits associated with this evolving method of healthcare delivery:

  • Access to Care: Telemedicine is making it easier for people to connect with their doctors with greater appointment availability than in traditional outpatient settings.
  • Quality of Care: Telepsychiatry improves quality and continuity of care
  • Satisfaction: Higher customer satisfaction
  • Integrated Care:  Telepsychiatry facilitates integrated patient models that provide access to clinical information between different specialist.
  • Convenience:  Increases patient access to specialized behavioral health treatment from the comfort of their community or home without the need of traveling or significant work schedule disruptions.
  • Cost: Savings for patients and physicians