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As any in any other method of healthcare delivery, there are disadvantages related to the practice of telemedicine/telepsychiatry. These are the most common limitations and disadvantages:

  • Personal Touch: Decreases face-to-face interactions between the patient and their treating providers.
  • Technical: Hardware/Software Glitches, broadband connection disruptions, need for electronic devices and technological training.
  • Prescribing restrictions: Federal laws prohibits the prescribing of controlled substances except for instances in which patients are in authorized healthcare settings.
  • Licensing restrictions: Physician must be licensed in the State of the patient location at the time of services.
  • Level of care restrictions: A method of delivery of care not appropriate for patients in crisis or emergency situations unless the patient is in a healthcare system in which the telepsychiatrist will have the clinical support of other healthcare providers.
  • Reimbursement rules: There are still are blocks and difficulties with reimbursement policies in certain states where physicians are providing services in certain states.