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If you are in need of a follow-up visit please SCHEDULE A SESSION. Please remember to cancel or reschedule your visit twenty-four hours in advance to avoid getting charged for a no-show visit for your prepaid services. Please log in ten minutes before to the waiting room and test your equipment, audio, and video the day prior to your session.


Dr. Baez currently uses a HIPAA-compliant video platform that is free of charge for the patients: doxy. me.

Please return to the Home Page and click Enter the Waiting Room.


If you have a clinical need please contact Dr. Baez directly via Carepaths our electronic medical records.

If you have seen Dr. Baez via a different platform than her private practice she should be contacted directly from the patient portal of that platform as only there does she have access to your clinical information.

For medication refills, medical records missed sessions, or other needs please review our Fees and Policies for details related to those policies.


Please complete the following form(s) based on the instructions received on the patient portal or print and fax to 888-425-5869: